About us

The káyros Self-Management Program© is the result of reducing the clinician, patient and procedure variabilities to simplify a complex work and improve our services towards patients. This responds to Dr. Bartlett Joshua Palmer's vision:


We would establish a universal adjustment which would accomplish most possible results, to greatest number of vertebrate family, which could be applied in shortest possible time, to greatest range and variety of cases, from mildest to severe types, acute or chronic, with least inconvenience in time, labor or cost to patient and ourselves; that this adjustment must be simple enough for layman and thereby great enough for savant. It was to be of that character that it could be used by majority of people the world over.


In a work of this magnitude, káyros extends special credit to Mr. J.V.C., Mr. B.M., Dr. G.V., Dr. M.Z., Dr. J.F.G., Dr. R.G., Dr. R.W.S., Dr. S.A., A.C., and many others, for past and present aid, counsel, and suggestions.

káyros is dedicated exclusively to the management of "rigid body" based on years of clinical experience and research by Joaquín Valdivia Tor (Doctor of Chiropractic, 2004):

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Dr. Joaquín Valdivia Tor is the founder of káyros© and the director of the káyros support team. He is also a káyros expert patient. He currently works in Girona, Spain (www.quiropracticagirona.com).