No one likes to have a chronic health problem but most people will have at least one during their lifetime.


You may have a physical problem with your body, like the one we manage in káyros. You could have a combination of different health problems that affect you even worse. Developing the habit of managing such problems is essential for a healthy life. With káyros, you will develop a habit to manage your physical problem.


Our clinical experience has shown us that patients who cooperate with the management of their problem throughout their lives — in a chronic way as a lifestyle — enjoy a decent quality of life without major physical pain, with few or no setbacks, and without conditions and symptoms related to their problem. This is one of the reasons that inspires us to promote káyros.


The benefits that can be obtained with káyros are unique and can't be obtained otherwise.



The primary goal of your self-management is to keep your body normal for the long term. This is when you can experience the optimum benefits of the káyros program:


Physical and emotional wellness.
With an optimum recovery, our satisfied patients can continue with their work, friendships, hobbies, family, and exercise — within their limitations. Their lives are physically and emotionally satisfactory, in relation to their problem as they adapt to káyros.


Live a decent life again.
Pain of all kinds, physical discomfort, fatigue, improper rest and sleep ... this is no way to live. Sometimes it may be normal for you to have some of these symptoms, but it is not normal to live with them chronically. Our satisfied patients enjoy a more decent life and can engage in activities that had been limited before while maintaining caution of not overdoing.


Optimize your body systems.
Expert káyros patients recover from conditions and symptoms associated with different body systems. Long-term management means that your musculoskeletal, immune, nervous, and vascular systems will be adequately maintained to function optimally in relation to your problem.


Decrease chronic pain without medication.
Living without pain or suffering is an important goal for all people. Your management with káyros can greatly help you achieve that goal since your problem is a major cause of physical pain. Your management and recovery with káyros occur naturally and do not depend on medications.


Look better externally.
Feeling bad for a long time because of your problem affects your body not only internally but also externally. Many people look tired or old due to rigid body. Many of our satisfied patients regain vitality and show it outwardly with a more renewed, more vigorous, stronger, and more vital image.


Improve your physical performance.
Many of our expert patients are athletes who want to improve the functioning of their bodies for a better physical performance. They obtain these results through the use of the káyros program.


Reduce the risk of back surgery.
Many of our satisfied patients have been able to continue their normal lives without the need for surgery that was recommended by other specialists. At some point in their lives, they developed a major problem in their spine that reached an extreme limit, but they decided to manage their problem with káyros, thus avoiding costly and painful surgery.


Improve your body posture, structure, and mobility.
Walking and having your body more upright, lighter, and more mobile and flexible; being able to turn your neck and spine better, feeling more stable, more secure and stronger – these are very positive effects from the káyros self-management program for your health and appearance. No one likes to be crooked or bent in bad posture, something that denotes old age, and that often young people already suffer.






Studies done by káyros show substantial changes in the structure of the bodies of some of our patients. X-rays can be used to document structural changes over time. Although abnormal curvatures can be improved in some patients, these conditions can't be fixed. They are cumulative and irreversible.

The primary goal of recovery in these cases is that you go back to normal life as best possible. Remember that X-rays and other imaging tests are not necessary for managing your problem with káyros.


Benefits from using the káyros tools:

Self-manage your problem your whole life.

Do your sessions from your home or wherever you are.

Rest after each session.

Definitely recover from your problem and your pains.

Self-manage family members who aren't capable of.

Contact our support team with questions.


Eliminate the significant challenges that people find managing a chronic health problem:

Finding a competent specialist.

Traveling to the specialist's clinic for the required sessions.

Adapting your agenda to your specialists'.

Requiring the necessary resting time after each session.

Spending more time visiting your specialist in the case of setback.

Depending on a specialist who might one day stop working.