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The káyros Self-Management Program© does not provide medical diagnosis or treatment. káyros© is a program for the self-management of the chronic health problem "rigid body", defined for the first time by Joaquín Valdivia Tor, Doctor of Chiropractic.

The use of certain terminology used by káyros© may not be the same terminology as defined and used by other agencies or institutions but the professional and personal opinion of J.Valdivia based on clinical experience.

The káyros© services are limited to the management of rigid body. If you suffer from other health problems, you must visit your health care provider.

The káyros benefits may be experienced differently by every patient according to their health and cooperation with the three self-management requirements.

The term "patient" used by káyros© is defined as a synonym of client, user or customer.

káyros - The Self-Management Program is a registered brand.

The káyros device is patented (DM/096 986). The káyros device is not a medical device. The káyros device is designed for the self-management of rigid body as instructed by kayrosprogram.com.