The tools offered by káyros, together with your cooperation, enable you to become a satisfied patient — a successful self-manager or expert patient. If you don't cooperate using the káyros tools as we teach you, you may not recover and become an unsatisfied patient. This could lead you to blame our services for your dissatisfaction when in fact, the káyros tools are not to blame.



If you want to start a professional relationship with káyros, we invite you to become familiar with us. Through our website, you will know about us in a transparent, realistic, objective, and direct way.


The first consultation section on the website of káyros is designed for you to decide if you want to take another step and become a patient of káyros.


After you've gone through the first consultation, you will have access to the káyros book and the educational videos containing the general information of the website plus the detailed information on the management of your problem — the three self-management requirements. Two more videos will give you instructions on how to use the káyros device.


The goal of all the information we offer you is not only that you learn to use the káyros tools but also to form new habits and start a new lifestyle. This requires time, consistency, and the daily cooperation with our requirements, both short and long-term.


The information presented is designed to yield the maximum benefit and optimal service for your self-management program regardless of the type of patient you are. This information is easy to understand but also easy to forget. We recommend refreshing your memory by reviewing it at least once a year during your recovery period.

The káyros device is an extraordinary and unprecedented scientific advance for the successful management of your chronic health problem — rigid body.

The káyros device is the only way to guarantee the realization of your sessions necessary for a succesful management; as a patient, you will have the ability to perform them without any challenges that could hinder your recovery. The device works more effectively than the best of specialists because it never fails if applied as we will teach you, and using it is very easy. You do not need to have advanced physical or intellectual qualities to use it. Most people can do it.

The káyros device is only available through us when you become a patient after accepting the proposed investment for the káyros self-management program.

The káyros bands are a new accessory recommended for use in conjunction with the káyros device.

Our latest research has shown that wearing these ankle bands 24 hours/day when using the device will enhance its effectiveness.

When you become a káyros patient we will furnish more details about their use.

The káyros support team will serve you by email or telephone as mentor and companion in the way for self-managing your problem. The káyros support team is willing to answer your questions in a kind, respectful, friendly, and direct manner. You should listen to them and follow their advice.