You're not to blame for having your problem — rigid body —, but you are responsible for making the decision to manage it. You can do nothing and continue suffering, you can medicate, or you can visit specialists and receive treatments of all kinds. The decision and the management of your problem is finally yours.


Since rigid body is chronic (life-long) and mechanical (affects the physical structure of your body), it requires a chronic and mechanical management. Chronic management also is necessary for other health conditions without known "cure" and which patients must self-manage for life with the appropriate tools.


Our recommendation for managing your problem your whole life is that you become a successful self-manager — what we call an "expert patient"— using the káyros tools.


The advancement of the káyros tools, especially the káyros device, will allow you to manage your problem yourself as a specialist would do in a clinic. You will do it even better since you will carry out your sessions when needed without challenges such as travel time or your busy agenda — reasons that have hindered the success of the management in the past.


The self-management goals with káyros are achieved through your cooperation with the káyros tools, especially the káyros device.


The two self-management goals with the káyros device are:


1. To shift your "rigid body" to a "normal body." This goal is obtained instantaneously at each session when your body is "rigid."

2. To keep your "normal body" long-term. This goal is achieved during your recovery period.


Due to your problem and your health, the shift from your rigid body to a normal body is not permanent nor will your recovery be instantaneous. That's why the chronic management of your problem is required.


The three self-management requirements with káyros are:


1. Do your sessions.

2. Avoid the "not recommended activities."

3. In the case of a setback, modify your sessions.


Your compliance with the fulfillment of these three requirements is necessary for your recovery; that is, to achieve the two self-management goals.


The self-management features with the káyros device are:


Safe and painless.
The káyros device for self-management of your problem does not cause pain or discomfort at the time of application. This is based on a fundamental principle of health sciences: first, produce no harm.


Managing your problem with the káyros device is not based on applying a manual physical treatment to your body, but involves an intellectual work of precision with a very precise purpose. The majority of people can learn to use the káyros device; it requires no professional skills.


Works unconsciously.
Do not expect to experience significant changes or instant relief after a session of applying the káyros device. Most patients will not notice anything at the time of application of the device. That's normal since the work done by the káyros device occurs at an unconscious level. You will only hear the distinct sound of the device, which is key to its effectiveness.


Your recovery is based on the effects of the káyros device on your body after each session and during the recovery period. After applying the káyros device, your "normal body" will initiate and maintain your recovery in a natural way through the body's ability to heal itself.


No side effects.
The káyros device does not cause side effects nor other health problems. However, during your recovery period you may experience a variety of sensations due to the shifts from your rigid body to a normal body or vice-versa (what we call "setbacks"), depending on your overall health.

In the past, we have had patients that after their session or after a time self-managing, report a cold, have a fever or other health problems and believe they may be associated with their management. But those would have happened regardless of the use of the káyros device and are not related.


Needs no complements.
We recommend you use only the káyros device to self-manage your problem. You will not need to do any exercise, take nutritional supplements, nor undergo other physical treatments. Complements will not improve your recovery. Indeed, other physical treatments may be counterproductive with káyros and could even make your problem worse. Moreover, a precise control of your recovery can't be assessed if you use complements.


We do not recommend that you manage other people with káyros unless they can't do it themselves, for example, your parents, your children, your baby, or somebody in your family with a disability. In those cases, you will have to take responsibility for the three self-management requirements for them.


káyros for others.
When visiting this website, it is very likely that you recall loved ones who suffer from the problem that we manage. Please share our web address so they can visit us and understand their problem. Then, if they decide to self-manage their problem, they will contact us.


A káyros gift for a loved one.
You may want to give a káyros self-management program to a loved one. Encourage that person to read and understand our website first. Then proceed to purchase the program for that person.